Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Wish 11- Know the Glow and save a child's life

When people think of childhood cancer they often think of Leukaemia first despite there being many many different types.

Know the glow

Retinoblastoma most occurs in children under 5, it starts in the eye and if detected early enough 98% of children can successfully treated. Often the first sign of this cancer is a strange glow in a child's eye when their picture is taken. There are other things to look out for too and you can see them here

Everyone should 'know the glow' and get your child checked out if it happens in pictures although don't panic as lots of things can cause a 'glow' including a slight squint or cataract.

While your here I reccomend checking out Be Child Cancer Aware which has a list of signs to look out for and advice on what to do if your child seems unwell.

Don't forget you can also make a child with cancer smile by sending them a card through Post Pals

I would love to hear or see pictures if you take part with any of my wishes and will read them on my birthday (21/12). My contact details are my30wishes@hotmail.com and Vikki C/O Post Pals, PO Box 278, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT23 4WN, England. Thank you


  1. Have read all the info, Vikki. Best wishes, Lara

  2. I'd never heard of retinoblastoma until I read this. I do a bit of volunteering with two elderly registered blind ladies and so I know a little about some eye conditions but I knew nothing about childhood eye cancer. Everyone should know about this, whether or not we have young children. Eyesight is such a precious thing, and as the info says 98% of young children with retinoblastoma can be cured if diagnosed early enough. Perhaps all of us who've read the info could pass the knowledge on to at least one other person. Thanks so much for publicising this Vikki :) Good wishes, Sue G