Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Once upon a time a little girl ran free, though that wasn't always to be....

Aged 11 a virus came along and caused havoc, over the next 5 years things slowly got worse until aged 17, paralysis set in, speech, walking and all abilities were stolen and life became an existence confined to a bed in a blacked out room.

All special occasions including my 18th, 21st and 25th birthdays were celebrated in bed and the wish for recovery made when blowing out candles never came true.

Life isn't all doom or gloom, yes I may have Severe M.E but every day brings about something to have a giggle about and I remain positive. There is one thing I've been struggling to find a positive in though beyond 'I survived' and that's my up coming 30th birthday on the 21st Dec 2014. I never believed that I would still be in bed for it, truly believing I would be fully better by the landmark.

I kept seeing '30 before I'm 30' lists around and my heart would sink thinking how I've not ticked off my first legal drink, a driving lesson or first job yet. It got me thinking of what things I would put on the list if I had one and I wondered how could I achieve them. The answer isn't I can't achieve them myself but the idea came to me, to ask YOU to help!

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About me

I'm Vikki and live in Surrey, England. I suffer from severe M.E and related conditions which has meant I've spent the last 13 years in bed, varying from being able to have the occasional trip out in a wheelchair to being completely paralysed in hospital. It's a neurological condition with a huge range of symptoms but sadly some people still don't believe it's real, even though people have died from the condition including my good friend Emily. It's why I am determined to speak out and raise awareness of it.

From bed I run a little charity I set up called Post Pals which sends cards, letters and gifts to seriously ill children, the idea came after finding receiving cards helped me cope with my own illness. When able I like doing crafts in bed, listening to audiobooks, watching musicals online (virtual trips to the West End or Broadway) and having a good natter, however the majority of my time is spent curled up in total darkness and silence.

There is no cure, just symptom management- I take a big cocktail of drugs ranging from morphine to anti sickness tablets and I've been fighting for 4 years with the NHS for the funding for a 6 month stay in an inpatient hospital specialising in severe M.E but they keep finding excuses. Some people get better, some don't and it's impossible to say who will or won't but I will keep fighting! Getting the funding would dramatically increase my chances but who knows if the purse string holders will have a change of heart!

Often with ME what you see isn't what you get, you tend to see people only on their good moments and not the huge crash that comes after. A perfect example is this video of me talking about M.E on This Morning, although I was doing a lot better back then you didn't see me traveling laying down, being taken to the toilet by my Mum and transferring out of my chair and whipping off my sunglasses at the last minute (despite it being a dull winters day) or my immediate need to lay down after, and certainly not the 6 weeks it took to recover from.

I hope this blog raises awareness of the condition as well as putting some positive back into my life- thank you for reading and taking part.

I would love to hear or see pictures if you take part with any of my wishes and will read them on my birthday (21/12). My contact details are and Vikki C/O Post Pals, PO Box 278, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT23 4WN, England. Thank you


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