Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wish 22- Donate small items to a non profit hospital

Edited to add the link to an Amazon Wish List with the items the hospital needs, they will go directly there. Items start from £1

Burrswood is a wonderful hospital which I go into a couple of times a year (I'm fighting with the NHS for funding for a long stay). It's a special place, set up as a Christian hospital it's aim has always been to help the whole person and it does it well. It's used by people of all (or no) faith, of all ages and conditions. It does a mixture of respite, physical rehab, end of life care and for people in need of support. Over the years it has come to specalise in severe ME too and is the only place I have ever been where people understand it. It's the only place in the world my parents feel able to leave me and relax knowing I am being well looked after.

Being small and non profit there is always a lack of funds. When able I have hydrotherapy which really helps and is enjoyable too. I remember being down at the pool once and taking in the people around me. While waiting I was talking to a man who had MS, he said the local MS group come in weekly for sessions,there were adults with learning disabilities in the pool while we were talking and after I came out a very severely disabled man was being lowered into the water on the special hydro trolly bed, it's also used by those with mental health problems as a way to relax. All these people including myself couldn't go along to our local pool but were able to benefit from hydrotherapy thanks to Burrswood.

I asked the head physio and the occupational therapist if there were any items or equipment needed. Although they are always in need of expensive equipment they would love and put to good use any of the following (I have posted links as examples, they might be cheaper on other sites);

-Comfort grip magnifiers (for people with visual problems), example £11.95
-Pegboard with round pegs (for upper limb therapy), example these are £51.47 but I'm sure you can get similar for a lot less
-Arm support therapy (for correct positioning following strokes) example £35.99
-Large book chair (to hold books for those with weak limbs), example £11.95
-Posey bedfellow (comfort/positioning for people with severe ME or strokes), example £282.78
-Twiddle muffs, either purchased or handmade (for dementia/anxiety) Also listed under my wish here example £3.50 and also listed under my wish here example £29

Physio list coming soon

If anyone could help it would be fantastic, thank you. The address to send them to is:
Alison Cornford, OT, Burrswood Hospital, Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN3 9PY

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  1. I just placed an order from the Amazon wishlist. Thanks for setting it up, it made it very easy to help out.