Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wish 27- Donate unused medication and medical supplies

I feel so lucky to live in a country where I just click a button online when my medication needs renewing and my Mum pops off to the pharmacy, show my card and walks out with hundreds of pounds of drugs. I now get free prescriptions but for a while used the scheme where you pay just over £100 for a  year’s unlimited prescriptions. I know this is so different to lots of other countries and ill people have to sometimes choose between keeping the roof over their heads vs drugs to keep them alive or pain killers vs being able to have dinner. 

Nothing makes me feel guiltier than when my medication is changed and I have lots of used tablets still in their packaging to be thrown away. They are perfect and someone in the world would give anything to have free access to them.

This is why I’m featuring 3 charities which take unused medication and medical supplies (when my Nan died we had things like PEG tubes to donate) and distribute them to places where people are in need.

My wish is for people to donate any unused supplies and raise awareness of this amongst friends and family.

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