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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Wish 29 in Portugal

I love how the Internet is international (might not be saying that if I lived in North Korea!), here is wish 29 I'm Portugal;

Hey Vikki,

Last night I emailed to let you know how I had got on with fulfilling some of your birthday wishes. Well this evening my kids had fun completing wish 29, giving someone a Christmas decoration.

We chose the older lady who runs our local bar / shop because she is really sweet and awfully nice too us. The bar really is the centre of our very small community. We chose two beaded ornaments, a sstar and a Santa figure. The kids wrapped them up and we gave them to her in a quiet moment this evening.

She cried, which we really weren't expecting! But I think they were nice tears :)

With love,

Monday, 22 December 2014

Post from number 10

My birthday post from Downing Street :)

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And a blurry screenshot of the tweet

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Wishes

This is my 30 before 30 list
But here comes the twist,
Because of my illness and disability
You will have to do it for me,
See I have these plans in my head
But I'm stuck 24/7 in a hospital bed!

Please help tick things off my 30 before 30 list that I'm too unwell to do myself. My 30th birthday is on 21/12/2014 and will be my 13th birthday stuck in bed with severe M.E

Wish 1- Join the bone marrow register
Wish 2- 300,000 views on this video
Wish 3- Fundraise and purchase a beach wheelchair for visitors to Norfolk
Wish 4- Send 30 pieces of snail mail
Wish 5- Give a balloon or flower to someone
Wish 6- Do a RAOK
Wish 7- Watch Voice's from the shadows
Wish 8- Donate time or an activity to a nursing home/hospital/day centre
Wish 9- Watch an sunset or sunrise
Wish 10- Download Spread The Hope charity single
Wish 11- Know The Glow and save a childs life
Wish 12- Donate items to a food bank or pay for a childs lunch
Wish 13- Copy of Severe M.E Guide to Living - COMPLETE
Wish 14- Donate blood/blood products
Wish 15- Make/sew an I Spy Bag or Twiddle Muff
Wish 16- Read this guide to supporting parents who have lost a child
Wish 17- The gift of music COMPLETE
Wish 18- Helping Dottie
Wish 19- Run the London Marathon
Wish 20-Make/sew/knit/crochet a blanket for someone who is bedbound
Wish 21- Invite someone with special needs to a party
Wish 22- Donate small items to a non profit hospital
Wish 23- Take someone out who couldn't otherwise go
Wish 24- Get a Carbon Monoxide alarm NEW
Wish 25- Have my list trend on Twitter #my30wishes
Wish 26- Use your computer space to help find a cure for many conditions
Wish 27- Donate unused medication and medical supplies
Wish 28- Buy a £2.99 bubble wand for a child who won't get any presents COMPLETE
Wish 29- Give a decoration to someone
Wish 30- Do something you always wanted to do

I would love to hear or see pictures if you take part with any of my wishes and will read them on my birthday (21/12). My contact details are and Vikki C/O Post Pals, PO Box 278, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT23 4WN, England. Thank you

Beach chair, inching closer

I know things are tight but I wondered if anyone could spare a pound towards my £500 target for a beach wheelchair please? It will mean in 2015 disabled people and their families will be able to enjoy a day out at the beach

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Wish 19- help needed

Wish 19- Run the London Marathon

Everyone has been so kind in helping with my wishes, from media to friends to people I don't (or should that say previously didn't) know. I even have an envelope to open tomorrow from the Prime Minister!

Wish 19 is to run the London marathon and of course being bedbound I need someone to be my legs for me. I have a place in the marathon, someone kindly offered to run it for me and I paid my entrance free. Virgin London Marathon are refusing to let me transfer the place to someone to run for me though :(

Please help by sending a
Tweet and
#richardbranson and #my30wishes

All I need is for them to let someone be my body for me, the whole idea of 30 Wishes is for people to do what I can't and running the marathon is high on my list!

Thank you

Ps) Hello Mr Branson or Mr Bayliss if your reading this. I'm turning 30 this weekend and am spending my 30th birthday stuck in bed just like my 18th and 21st due to severe M.E. I've published a '30 before 30 list' and am asking people to do the wishes on my behalf. Lots of people are kindly helping including BBC Surrey who granted 10 wishes, but unfortunately I received a flat no when I asked to have someone run the marathon for me despite having a confirmed (and paid) place. If you could help I would be so grateful, my email is


Wish 5- give a balloon of flower to someone

Wish COMPLETE! Thank you everyone, it's been lovely hearing of the people you have all made smile with flowers or balloons. Much to my surprise yesterday my Godmother gave my Mum some roses and then today Jill and Gracie visited with balloons (thank you for a lovely visit) and the most beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived from Steve from Flowers by Rosemary. I was talking to my friend Kate and kept forgetting what I was trying to say as I said I couldn't get over how beautiful they are!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Thank you everyone,


Wish 13 donate a copy of Severe M.E guide to living

Wish COMPLETE! Thank you everyone, that's 30 patients who lives will be made easier.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Wish -17 Gift of music update (get your tissues ready)

Wish 17- Give the gift of music

2 people have kindly given the gift of music for My 30 Wishes.

Amy kindly donated her piano to a local child who can now learn to play. The piano wasn't an unwanted item in Amy's house, it's just Amy has been far to ill with severe M.E to play for years. Letting go of such an item is a big thing, thank you Amy.

The other update was Sue made a donation to Sistema England so a child could learn to play. Sistema sent an email thanking us and explaining what a difference learning an instrument can make to a child, they work with children in some of the poorest parts of London. It was lovely to think of a child being helped but then we got this email and photograph which made us rather misty eyed!

"Dear Vikki

I hope you have been feeling better. I wanted to send you this photo of
Hadassa, aged 3. She is the girl that received the cello purchased by
Sistema England thanks to a generous donation from Sue Morgan in your
name. Hadassa desperately wanted to learn the cello as an older friend of
hers is already a very good cellist. Because of the donation made in your
name, she now has her own cello and has joined The Nucleo Project in
London, which she attends 4 afternoons a week.

Again many thanks for your kindness, and may you always have the strength
to carry on with your kind and generous initiatives.

Best wishes and happy holidays,


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Monday, 15 December 2014

Misty eye update

I need to get permission before I can share the outcome of a wish but I've been sent a picture of a child grinning and full of pride. All because someone granted one of my wishes. I will ask for permission to share and suggest you have a tissue close to hand :)

Wish 13 update

Wish 13- Sponsor a £5.99 guide to living with severe M.E

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored a severe. M.E guide, I am currently at 14 towards my target of 30.

If you would like to sponsor a guide you can here

Thank you

Saturday, 13 December 2014


Wish 28 Send a bubble wand to a child who won't have any other presents

A big thank you to everyone who helped with wish 28, it was completed within 48 hours. My hope was for 30 bubble wands to be ordered from Kids Company charity list and 33 have been ordered plus a book! That's 44 children who don't wake to presents under a tree will now receive a gift.

Thank you 30 Wish grafters :)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Wish 29- Give a decoration to someone

"My name is Vikki and I am addicted to Christmas decorations".

There I've said it, it's true, I love decorations. We haven't finished decorating my tree yet but we stopped counting at around the 100th decoration. I have a mixture of ones from shop ones from special people, handmade ones by friends, ones I've made and everything inbetween. Every year I get a decoration made with a special photo and treasure them all.

Giving decorations are a nice visual reminder of the fact you care. Every other year I've organised something decoration themed for a bedbound friend who came up with the brilliant idea one year of asking her friends to make a paper snowflake and write a message on it. Thanks to kind people online she had a 'snowstorm' with snowflakes in the 3 figures, another year it was paper chains with messages written on the links.

So my wish is for you to give someone a decoration, it doesn't have to be handmade or expensive and it's something you can get the kids involved with. Maybe your children could make one for an elderly neighbour.

Let's have My 30 Wishes also spread some Christmas cheer.

Wish 28- buy a £2.99 bubble wand for a child without any presents

Most British children wake up on Christmas Day to a bulging stocking and gifts under the tree. Not all children are as lucky, here is one child's story;

Kids Company do the most amazing work all year around but on Christmas Day they hold a huge party for children and vulnerable young people who wouldn't otherwise be having a visit from Father Christmas, a nice lunch or even just being surrounded with some Christmas Spirit. They started doing this after finding the suicide rate in children shot up at Christmas as kids dreaded being alone at what's meant to be such a happy time of year. Truly shocking this happens to kids around us.

Kids Company have a gift wish list of toys children have said they would like. On the wish list is a double bubble wand which costs only £2.99 (no postage), they have asked for 98 and ironically are 30 short of that target. Seeing as I love bubbles and am trying to create smiles in lots of 30 I thought this would make a perfect wish.

Could you order a £2.99 bubble wand for a child who won't otherwise be receiving a present this Christmas? I'm ordering one now to start things off so. Tonight we are up to 13/30 thank you

To order just go to
Enter list number 607119, there's no password.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Wish updates10-20

Wish 11- Know The Glow and save a childs life

My aim is to have wish 11 read by 3000 people, its currently at 1418 so half way there. Please do share it on Facebook, Twitter or any parenting groups. You never know whose child you might save

Wish 12- Donate items to a food bank or pay for a childs lunch

Thank you to everyone who has donated to a food bank, several of you already do which is lovely but have offered to add some extra bits.
I don’t know if I have any American readers who would be willing to pay the American school child’s bill, could anyone? Details are on the original post.

I brought an advent calendar for it after being inspired by Jason Manford which went into the food bank near where Dad works and if I have the chance I will try and buy some chocolate coins to donate too.

This wish has hit my target though thanks to a very generous someone (who didn’t tell me or give me their name) who donated so much food to a bank in my name that its able to provide 64 MEALS! WOW WOW WOW

Wish 13- Copy of Severe M.E Guide to Living

Thank you to everyone who has made a donation to purchase these amazing books to people in desperate need of help and advice. When your body is failing and doctors aren’t helping the advice within is invaluable to get you through the physical and emotional challenges and help you find some quality of life however small. The advice I received from the author Emily (who was a wonderful friend but passed away from complications from her very severe ME) has kept out of hospital on many occasions

I’m hoping to get up to 30 donated copies (they cost £5.99 with free postage), currently at 11/30

If you could donate a copy then the link to do so is

Emily would be so pleased

Wish 14- Donate blood/blood products

I’ve had a lot of people email me to say they have donated blood in the past or are regular donors which is wonderful, although it doesn’t count for my list its great people are doing it.

I received this lovely email from someone who went and donated (I’ve left her name off)

Hi Vikki, I was added to your 30 Wishes Facebook grou. I think it's such a lovely idea, I'm always making bucket lists and love to see what other people have on theirs. I'm really excited to help you with yours. I'm already a blood donor (I've attached proof above!) but to be honest I can get a bit forgetful with it and my appointments aren't as regular as they could be. I'm able to donate again in January (as I donated last month so have to wait a few months till I'm allowed again) and I promise that no matter how busy I am I will attend the appointment and will be thinking of you, and I'll add it to my list to make donating blood a priority so I don't miss any more.

I've also watched the video from Wish 2 and I'll share that as widely as I can to help with that wish.

Wish 12 - Last year I donated to my local food bank , I know it's a problem people face all year round but it's at this time of year that the homeless and hungry are really on my mind. I'll be sure to pop back to the foodbank with a bag full of donations by the end of this month and I'll buy some extra tins on your behalf!

Thank you for sharing your list and also for reminding me to make time for things which I already knew were important but that got pushed to the back of my mind while I dealt with more time consuming but less important things.

Good luck with your list and I'll be sure to have another look through it to see what else I can help you with.

Love and hugs”

Wish 15- Make/sew an I Spy Bag or Twiddle Muff

8 people have offered to make a Twiddle Muff which is brilliant and 8/30
I Spy bags 0/30

So far there haven’t been any I Spy Bags made but that is probably as I hadn’t put the address on the page until now. If you can make one please could you send it to Post Pals, Post Pals, PO Box 278, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT23 4WN

Wish 16- Read this guide to supporting parents who have lost a child

Thank you to everyone who has read this guide, it’s been read by 536 people, I would love for 1000 people to read it before my birthday

Wish 17- The gift of music

I’m not aware of any donations of instruments from my blog readers but I’m hoping we can find someone who has a cello, violin, flute etc in the loft not being used. My godmother made a very generous donation. I got a little misty eyed reading this email;

“Dear Vikki, We were delighted to see that someone has donated £100 to our charity via JustGiving, with the following message: “This is on behalf of Vikki George's wish list 'my 30 wishes before I'm 30' Sue Morgan.” 

The money will be used to purchase a musical instrument for a child. My colleague Nina Kaye, who I am copying in this message, will contact Lucy Maguire, who leads The Nucleo Project, to see which instrument would be most appropriate. And we will then be in touch to give you more details.

The Nucleo Project, one of the initiatives that the Sistema England charity supports, is a social action programme in London that uses the pursuit of musical excellence as a way to enrich the lives of children, young people and their families. It currently engages over 140 children, aged 2 to 15, from North Kensington. According to the preliminary results of an on-going survey, 46% of these children are elegible for free school meals. 

You can read more about The Nucleo Project here, you will find some photos here and you can watch a video of a recent rehearsal here. Most of the kids in this video have been playing music for less than a year, and some of them barely received their first instruments weeks before the rehearsal.

The initiatives supported by Sistema England are inspired by El Sistema, a programme of social action through music that was founded in Venezuela four decades ago, and that since then has helped save millions of children from poverty. Its founder, Jose Antonio Abreu, has said: "From the minute a child is taught how to play an instrument, he's no longer poor."

We would like to thank you for making this donation possible. You have not only given the gift of music, but you are also helping to forever change the life of a child.

Children involved in these programmes acquire values and develop skills that will forever enrich their lives, even if they do not become professional musicians. While making music in an ensemble, they learn the importance of hard work, discipline, collaboration and striving towards excellence.
Again many thanks. With my best wishes, Reynaldo, Director of Communications
Sistema England”

Wish 18- Helping Dottie

A few people have ordered Christmas cards from Dottie- a big thank you to them. One lady ordered some cards and loved Dottie so much she purchased on from our Dottie volunteer as a ‘buy one, give one’ so her Granddaughter can have an adventure and so can a seriously ill Post Pals child.

Dottie has also been invited to the Cabinet Office!

Wish 19- Run the London Marathon

This wish has been my biggest disappointment, a couple of people have very kindly offered to run but Virgin Marathon are refusing to let someone run on my behalf. So many people are going out of their way to help and they refuse point blank. They have a ballot selection I know but its hardly like my situation is normal, I do have a place in the marathon (and paid the fee), it would make no difference to them if someone was being ‘my legs’ for me.

A couple of people have asked if I could do the marathon being pushed in my reclining wheelchair. Unfortunately this is impossible as I’m far too ill to even get to the start line.

Any ideas readers? I’m thinking if we found the person in charge or very high up then we might stand more of a chance and if enough people ask..

Wish 20-Make/sew/knit/crochet a blanket for someone who is bedbound

Lots of people have offered to help, probably been offered around 20 out of the 30 I was hoping for. I’m sorry I’ve not been well enough to reply and put you in touch with the bedbound person but I will try to do so as soon as possible, although it might be in the New Year (which is tough when your ill so a nice time to receive such a lovely thing). Also if you can knit or crochet then please look at wish 15- Twiddle Muffs

Wish Updates- Wish 1 to 10

Wish 1- Join the bone marrow register

My 30 Wishes has raised awareness of donation and the importance of joining as well as the desperate need for donors from ethnic minorities. It was featured on BBC Surrey radio and included an interview with a man (from an ethnic minority) who donated bone marrow to save someone's life and an interview with someone from the Anthony Nolan Trust.

Rebecca Taylor has kindly signed up through which lets people register up to the age of 55 unlike Anthony Nolan.

Wish 2- 300,000 views on this video

The video is up to 17,000 views, I really need it to go viral to get anywhere near my wish but even one watch is better than none :) Would anyone reading this be able to put it on Upworthy, Buzzfeed or a similar site (it's free and you just need to register but I don't have the energy) please?

Wish 3- Fundraise and purchase a beach wheelchair for visitors to Norfolk
I'm up to nearly £400 donations, I'm really hoping to try and reach £1000 by my birthday towards purchasing a wheelchair to enable any disabled visitor in Norfolk to access the beach for free. Diane from Finest of Norfolk ( is planning a fundraiser in the spring and Francesca ( has kindly offered to do an afternoon of mini massages or manicures in return for donations to Brenda's Beach Chair. Donations can be made via this page

Wish 4- Send 30 pieces of snail mail
5 people have taken on the challenge of sending 30 pieces of snail mail and people on Money Saving Expert are working together to send 30 between them so that’s 6/30.

Wish 5- Give a balloon or flower to someone
My flower and balloon wish got off to a great start with BBC Surrey handing out flowers to 12 people, one bedridden young adult in a nursing home arranged a balloon for another resident, 2 people brought flowers for people they wouldn't normally of, a grandmother gave flowers to her young granddaughter, Helen gave flowers (pictured) to her Grandmother and someone from the M.E forum Foggy Friends received a balloon which cheered her up a lot.

Wish 6- Do a RAOK
This one can't really be put into numbers as most who have done a RAOK did them regularly anyway but it's been nice hearing what you've done and hopefully someone new has done one. I was actually on the receiving end of a RAOK last week when Cam from BBC Surrey turned up with an advent calendar which was lovely and we talked about different ideas for RAOKs for Weds breakfast show. Cam asked me what has been the most touching response or my favourite one, it was tough to choose but someone arranged for a balloon to be given to another resident in the nursing home she is in. This is a lovely thing for anyone to do but she is extremely ill herself, is bedridden and can only whisper a few words a day- yet she used those few words to make someone's day.

Wish 7- Watch Voice's from the shadows
Watching Voices from the Shadows has only recently been able to be done online for free. It actually is one of the most important wishes to me and ideally my wish would be for 30 people to watch it and also to find 30 new health professionals to watch it (I've been looked after by doctors, nurses and carers who have watched it but this was pre 30 wishes). Just before posting this I’ve edited the number after Clare watched it and left a comment on the entry.

So far 6/30 people and 0/30 medical professionals have seen of. It's free to watch online until the end of the year, please watch!

Wish 8- Donate time or an activity to a nursing home/hospital/day centre
Thank you to those who have ordered some crafting items off my Amazon wish list for Burrswood hospital. There are lots of items left which can be seen here

On the activity volunteering side Rhian saw my post and decided to ring her local nursing home to ask if she could play her flute to the residents. She's not played for years and has a seriously illness/disability herself as well as being a Mum to 2 little ones. Both the residents and Rhian had a wonderful time and she is returning to play carols at Christmas. I will do a blog post about Rhian soon.

Wish 9- Watch an sunset or sunrise
Lots of people have told me about sunsets they have seen in the past. I would love to see pictures of sunsets on my birthday on the 21st of Dec but also would like everyone to appreciate even the most simple of sunsets.

Wish 10- Download Spread The Hope charity single
Some of you have been in touch to say you have downloaded the song but it would be great if anyone else could download it, all profit goes to charity. The music video of it can be seen below and details on how to download it is on the website

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Get Surrey article

 photo imagejpg1_zpsba1d9a92.jpg

Get Surrey have published a lovely article about #my30wishes which you can read here

Thank you to Get Surrey and to Laura who organised it.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How would I spend my birthday if I was well for the day?

 How would I spend my birthday if I was well for the day?

My complete fantasy birthday would be to make a snow angel in New York, ice skate in Central Park, see the festive decorations in the windows and go to a Broadway show.

My more realistic-could-actually-do-it-if-well birthday would be...

Waking up feeling NORMAL, to get out of bed and pull the black out blinds off and look out my window. I would enjoy a champagne breakfast downstairs with my family before nipping off to Chessington World of Adventures (we live near by) to tick off an item high on my bucket list-feed a giraffe. On my way to Chessington I would play Christmas music at high volume (I'm very noise sensitive so can't normally). I would have lunch out somewhere, where ever I fancy with no consideration as to whether it has wheelchair access or is loud. I would then do the Harry Potter studio tour (many years the only thing I listened to each day was Stephen Fries recording of the books), squeeze in afternoon tea somewhere before catching a musical. I don't know which one I would opt for, how to choose?! Probably Les Mis as I've now watched Book of Mormon so many times online but one day I want to see every Westend musical.

I would finish the day with a cocktail and stay out until 11.59pm assuming my magic healthy day finished at midnight.