Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Wish 29- Give a decoration to someone

"My name is Vikki and I am addicted to Christmas decorations".

There I've said it, it's true, I love decorations. We haven't finished decorating my tree yet but we stopped counting at around the 100th decoration. I have a mixture of ones from shop ones from special people, handmade ones by friends, ones I've made and everything inbetween. Every year I get a decoration made with a special photo and treasure them all.

Giving decorations are a nice visual reminder of the fact you care. Every other year I've organised something decoration themed for a bedbound friend who came up with the brilliant idea one year of asking her friends to make a paper snowflake and write a message on it. Thanks to kind people online she had a 'snowstorm' with snowflakes in the 3 figures, another year it was paper chains with messages written on the links.

So my wish is for you to give someone a decoration, it doesn't have to be handmade or expensive and it's something you can get the kids involved with. Maybe your children could make one for an elderly neighbour.

Let's have My 30 Wishes also spread some Christmas cheer.


  1. Mine will be on its way soon :-)

  2. I've bought some decorations for my kids to give to the lovely lady who runs our local bar, the centre of the village. I'm hoping we'll be able to give them to her tomorrow, your birthday.

  3. This afternoon I was calling in on an elderly lady that I know. She lives in a cottage with a tiny courtyard full of plants in pots. One of the plants is a baby yew tree, which she brings indoors for a Christmas tree. She didn't have many decorations for it so I took her some tiny red & gold baubles threaded onto gold ribbon. It was such a simple thing to do, & she was really pleased. Thanks for the idea, Vikki :)