Saturday, 20 December 2014

Wish 19- help needed

Wish 19- Run the London Marathon

Everyone has been so kind in helping with my wishes, from media to friends to people I don't (or should that say previously didn't) know. I even have an envelope to open tomorrow from the Prime Minister!

Wish 19 is to run the London marathon and of course being bedbound I need someone to be my legs for me. I have a place in the marathon, someone kindly offered to run it for me and I paid my entrance free. Virgin London Marathon are refusing to let me transfer the place to someone to run for me though :(

Please help by sending a
Tweet and
#richardbranson and #my30wishes

All I need is for them to let someone be my body for me, the whole idea of 30 Wishes is for people to do what I can't and running the marathon is high on my list!

Thank you

Ps) Hello Mr Branson or Mr Bayliss if your reading this. I'm turning 30 this weekend and am spending my 30th birthday stuck in bed just like my 18th and 21st due to severe M.E. I've published a '30 before 30 list' and am asking people to do the wishes on my behalf. Lots of people are kindly helping including BBC Surrey who granted 10 wishes, but unfortunately I received a flat no when I asked to have someone run the marathon for me despite having a confirmed (and paid) place. If you could help I would be so grateful, my email is

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