Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Wish 28- buy a £2.99 bubble wand for a child without any presents

Most British children wake up on Christmas Day to a bulging stocking and gifts under the tree. Not all children are as lucky, here is one child's story;

Kids Company do the most amazing work all year around but on Christmas Day they hold a huge party for children and vulnerable young people who wouldn't otherwise be having a visit from Father Christmas, a nice lunch or even just being surrounded with some Christmas Spirit. They started doing this after finding the suicide rate in children shot up at Christmas as kids dreaded being alone at what's meant to be such a happy time of year. Truly shocking this happens to kids around us.

Kids Company have a gift wish list of toys children have said they would like. On the wish list is a double bubble wand which costs only £2.99 (no postage), they have asked for 98 and ironically are 30 short of that target. Seeing as I love bubbles and am trying to create smiles in lots of 30 I thought this would make a perfect wish.

Could you order a £2.99 bubble wand for a child who won't otherwise be receiving a present this Christmas? I'm ordering one now to start things off so. Tonight we are up to 13/30 thank you

To order just go to https://www.johnlewisgiftlist.com/giftint/JSPs/GiftList/BuyGifts/GuestFindAList.jsp
Enter list number 607119, there's no password.


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