Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Wish 29 in Portugal

I love how the Internet is international (might not be saying that if I lived in North Korea!), here is wish 29 I'm Portugal;

Hey Vikki,

Last night I emailed to let you know how I had got on with fulfilling some of your birthday wishes. Well this evening my kids had fun completing wish 29, giving someone a Christmas decoration.

We chose the older lady who runs our local bar / shop because she is really sweet and awfully nice too us. The bar really is the centre of our very small community. We chose two beaded ornaments, a sstar and a Santa figure. The kids wrapped them up and we gave them to her in a quiet moment this evening.

She cried, which we really weren't expecting! But I think they were nice tears :)

With love,

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  1. She has them on display, for another couple of days at least!