Sunday, 7 December 2014

Wish Updates- Wish 1 to 10

Wish 1- Join the bone marrow register

My 30 Wishes has raised awareness of donation and the importance of joining as well as the desperate need for donors from ethnic minorities. It was featured on BBC Surrey radio and included an interview with a man (from an ethnic minority) who donated bone marrow to save someone's life and an interview with someone from the Anthony Nolan Trust.

Rebecca Taylor has kindly signed up through which lets people register up to the age of 55 unlike Anthony Nolan.

Wish 2- 300,000 views on this video

The video is up to 17,000 views, I really need it to go viral to get anywhere near my wish but even one watch is better than none :) Would anyone reading this be able to put it on Upworthy, Buzzfeed or a similar site (it's free and you just need to register but I don't have the energy) please?

Wish 3- Fundraise and purchase a beach wheelchair for visitors to Norfolk
I'm up to nearly £400 donations, I'm really hoping to try and reach £1000 by my birthday towards purchasing a wheelchair to enable any disabled visitor in Norfolk to access the beach for free. Diane from Finest of Norfolk ( is planning a fundraiser in the spring and Francesca ( has kindly offered to do an afternoon of mini massages or manicures in return for donations to Brenda's Beach Chair. Donations can be made via this page

Wish 4- Send 30 pieces of snail mail
5 people have taken on the challenge of sending 30 pieces of snail mail and people on Money Saving Expert are working together to send 30 between them so that’s 6/30.

Wish 5- Give a balloon or flower to someone
My flower and balloon wish got off to a great start with BBC Surrey handing out flowers to 12 people, one bedridden young adult in a nursing home arranged a balloon for another resident, 2 people brought flowers for people they wouldn't normally of, a grandmother gave flowers to her young granddaughter, Helen gave flowers (pictured) to her Grandmother and someone from the M.E forum Foggy Friends received a balloon which cheered her up a lot.

Wish 6- Do a RAOK
This one can't really be put into numbers as most who have done a RAOK did them regularly anyway but it's been nice hearing what you've done and hopefully someone new has done one. I was actually on the receiving end of a RAOK last week when Cam from BBC Surrey turned up with an advent calendar which was lovely and we talked about different ideas for RAOKs for Weds breakfast show. Cam asked me what has been the most touching response or my favourite one, it was tough to choose but someone arranged for a balloon to be given to another resident in the nursing home she is in. This is a lovely thing for anyone to do but she is extremely ill herself, is bedridden and can only whisper a few words a day- yet she used those few words to make someone's day.

Wish 7- Watch Voice's from the shadows
Watching Voices from the Shadows has only recently been able to be done online for free. It actually is one of the most important wishes to me and ideally my wish would be for 30 people to watch it and also to find 30 new health professionals to watch it (I've been looked after by doctors, nurses and carers who have watched it but this was pre 30 wishes). Just before posting this I’ve edited the number after Clare watched it and left a comment on the entry.

So far 6/30 people and 0/30 medical professionals have seen of. It's free to watch online until the end of the year, please watch!

Wish 8- Donate time or an activity to a nursing home/hospital/day centre
Thank you to those who have ordered some crafting items off my Amazon wish list for Burrswood hospital. There are lots of items left which can be seen here

On the activity volunteering side Rhian saw my post and decided to ring her local nursing home to ask if she could play her flute to the residents. She's not played for years and has a seriously illness/disability herself as well as being a Mum to 2 little ones. Both the residents and Rhian had a wonderful time and she is returning to play carols at Christmas. I will do a blog post about Rhian soon.

Wish 9- Watch an sunset or sunrise
Lots of people have told me about sunsets they have seen in the past. I would love to see pictures of sunsets on my birthday on the 21st of Dec but also would like everyone to appreciate even the most simple of sunsets.

Wish 10- Download Spread The Hope charity single
Some of you have been in touch to say you have downloaded the song but it would be great if anyone else could download it, all profit goes to charity. The music video of it can be seen below and details on how to download it is on the website

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