Monday, 5 January 2015

Wish granting on a big scale!

The night before my birthday I opened this amazing book, was completely blown away by it. The sender (I've cut her name and picture out so it's not searchable as I don't have permission to post her name) with details of the many many wishes she granted. It finished with a letter which I will be rereading on bad days when running a charity feels very hard.

The book;
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She sent lots of post and this is Lew (a Post Pals child) with his

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The letter at the end
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You need to know we've never met but from your bed you have changed my life. In 2008 my life changed quite rapidly after getting a blood clot, from then my health has been on a rapid downward spiral, I had to stop working, stop driving, I was unable to take part in my hobbies as well as feeling ill, I felt pretty useless. I have no diagnosis and am not likely to get one.

I read a small article in a a magazine about a young man who was poorly himself but spent time writing to other poorly children through post pals. MY WORLD CHANGED, WHOO I HAD A PURPOSE. I could help people, it has made such a difference. I can't write but I can type a bit. I also use speech to text which helps. When I couldn't find appropriate cards, I found a hallmark cards CDROM which allowed me to make cards. It gave me contact with children which I really missed, my job before was a teaching assistant in a primary school. Because Post Pals supports children who have mo diagnosis I realised I was not the only one without a diagnosis.

I find it difficult to wrap my parcels so invite friends for dinner and then get them to wrap my parcels (it's voluntary honestly)" at half term one of my friends came and wrapped up 48 parcels for my advent calendars, we had lots of fun and laughter, thanks to Post Pals.

Since I have been posting my local post office has installed wheelchair access, which I don't think is a coincidence and will benefit other people as well. You and all the Post Pals volunteers made my life a happy place again, which in turn has helped my family.

Hoping and praying the next 30 are happier and healthier.

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